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If you're thinking about buying a product from Dillenger Electric bicycles, you should probably think twice. The kit i bought broke TWICE in within two months through no more than normal everyday wear and tear and they refused to honor their own warranty because "we have already replaced one under warranty, I cannot replace it under warranty. "

Then they lied and said they would develop a new rack and hand it out to everyone with a rack failure in one year, a year and a half later I contact them and they dodge all my support emails. First they ripped me off, then they lied to me. I made this website so that hopefully they don't rip you off too!

Here is a copy of their website at the time that I purchased their product, their boisterous warranty claims are circled in red.

This is my story, and this is why you shouldn't buy from Dillenger Electric. In short:

- A piece of their product that I bought is faulty and they are refusing to admit it, instead, they deny warranty requests. Maybe their other products have faults too.
- They won't honor their Warranty if something breaks twice due to wear and tear.
- Sometimes they take DAYS to respond to online support requests.
- They won't answer any support phone calls coming from outside Australia.

- I decided to start this website after they Ignored my last support request for TWO WEEKS. They will probably ignore you too if you try to invoke their warranty.
- After denying warranty, they wanted to charge me $50 plus shipping for something that probably cost them $10 to make, attempting to make more money off me.

The following images were sent to Dillinger electric, two weeks before the creation of this website, they have yet to respond to my support ticket. They show how and why the rack for the battery failed. You can click on the link in the sidebar to see how I repaired the rack myself, and how you can repair yours too.

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