If you have EVER experienced a rack failure using the 10ah or 20ah batteries with the rear rack even after your warranty expired please email me at support@dillengerelectric.com

Dillenger agrees to replace all failed racks with heavy duty version, even after warranty expires

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Dillenger has finally responded to the complaint.

- They admitted that the current rack is a regular bicycle rack that was retrofitted to be able to carry the 10ah battery.

- They committed to developing a new heavy duty bicycle rack themselves for the 10ah and 20ah battery units.

- They are offering to replace any failed rack for the 10ah/20ah kits EVEN IF YOU ARE OUT OF WARRANTY with the heavy-duty version.

- They will, in the future after it's been developed, offer an OPTION to purchase the heavy-duty version of the rack along with the kit. They said that if they are able to manufacture enough and bring the costs down, they will offer the Heavy Duty rack as the standard option. I don't believeĀ  an optional upgrade to be a good idea since the rack Dillenger is using is a standard bicycle rack that has been retrofitted to carry the 10ah battery. It failed on me in 2 days the first time, and when dillenger sent me the improved version with the battery spacer it lasted another 17 days. I don't use my kit offroad or doing stunts.

Dillenger claims rack failures not significant

Dillenger claims that the rack failures are not a big deal because they only have 3 reports of the failures out of a total of roughly 450 racks. I believe this is not a good metric to measure rack failures for the following 5 reasons

1- If the failure happened outside of the warranty, none of their customers would think to contact them (I myself wouldn't contact them about a failure outside of warranty).

2- Some may figure it's a cheap part and not worth contacting Dillenger over, opting to purchase a replacement somewhere else (this was the case with the first known rack failure that wasn't reported to Dillenger)

3- Some customers may not use the kit as often as others do, opting to leave the kit/bike in the garage and only using it occasionally, like once a month for example. My kit broke the second time over a period of 17 days, when I was using it nearly every day, I rode it for 200 miles.... Lets assume I used it 15 times before I broke for 200 miles, that means if I only rode my bike once a month or 16 or less miles per month I wouldn't have experienced the failure till after the warranty expired. See reason #1

4- Some customers may have opted to use their own equipment before they even try out Dillenger's rack, therefore never experiencing the breakage of the rack provided by Dillenger. This is the case with the other known rack failure that wasn't reported to Dillenger, this individual said that the replacement part they bought broke and that if they were to have used Dillenger's rack it would have likely broke as well.

5- I admit, this is my weakest point but some people may live in areas (like scandanavian countries) where roads are specifically tailored to bicycles, meaning they are kept freshly paved, flat, without any bumps or cracks, so that the vibration does not cause their rack to break as fast as it would someone living in an area of less than optimal roads.

6- Reasons #2 and #4 were only found out after those two people reported their broken racks on the support thread that I posted on the endless-sphere forums. There may be MANY more reasons why people don't report their broken racks that I cannot think of until they are given to me.

If you have experienced a rack failure
EVEN OUT OF WARRANTY, EVEN IF YOU BOUGHT ANOTHER RACK,please contact me at support@dillengerelectric.com so that I can update the counter on this page. Also, please contact Dillenger and let them know so they can bump-up the priority of this issue as well as offer you an upgraded rack when it comes out, in the meantime, you can click here to see how I repaired my rack.


3 / 450 = 1% (rounded to the nearest %)