How I fixed my rack, and how to fix yours

But why would you post this website? Aren't you afraid they won't sell to you anymore? Nope. When they decided to "offer" me another (badly designed/manufactured) rack for $50, that is when I decided that this company isn't getting another penny from me.

I went out and bought a LOT of metal epoxy, and was determined to repair the rack myself. I've already done the research on the best epoxys to use, and just to be safe I bought three different kinds. Here are the amazon links in order from most epoxy used to least epoxy used to repair the rack:

Protective Coating 87770 PC-7 Multi-Purpose Paste Epoxy, 1/2-Pound, Charcoal Gray

J-B Weld 8280 Original - Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy - 10 oz

Permatex 84209 PermaPoxy 4 Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy, Two 1 oz. Tubes
There is probably enough epoxy in the first link to repair the entire rack if you don't want to use three separate epoxies like I did. I just did it so that if one epoxy is stronger than the other, then hopefully that one will be the one to hold the rack.

The steps I took were as follows

- Don't skip the following step, it's important: Before I applied the epoxy, i took a blade from my hacksaw and scratched up the surface of both the top and bottom part of the racks as much as I could, basically anywhere the epoxy went, I scratched the surface HARD, when I was done it looked like someone was angry at the bottom of my rack and decided to key it for 30 minutes. After I scratched it up, I vacuumed the scratch flakes away, then I used painter's tape and stuck it and pulled it away from the scratched surface repeatedly, this is to pick up any stray or stuck scratch flakes off the surface.

- I laid out the epoxy on the top part of the rack (the part that grips the battery) then i lowered the rest of the rack on top of it and let it dry a little.

- After letting it dry a little bit, I added more epoxy to the sides, as you can see I applied an "overkill" amount. To be honest this is my first time using epoxy so I'm not sure how strong it will hold, but I wanted to be DAMN SURE it wasn't going to break again. I figured better overkill now than be sorry later.

Here is a side image, you can see the consistency of the three separate epoxies.

Here is a more angled look, you can see that I even covered the "holes" that were in the side of the rack, this is because I wanted more surface area for the epoxy to "grip" the bottom of the rack.

Another top view, looks ugly right? Don't worry, we'll fix that in a little bit with some mat flat black paint.

Here is the last shot before I hit it with some paint, notice how I was careful not to get too much epoxy on the screws/nuts, just in case.

Here is how it looked after I hit it with some mat flat black paint. It was purchased for $2 at the store. It looks shiny and reflective but this is because I took the picture right after I painted it. Its much less noticeable now.

Here is a top-down view of the fully repaired and painted rack. I waited 5 or 6 days before riding the bike just to give the epoxy some time to fully cure.