The full story

I've been contacted by a few people saying that sometimes one vendor will trash another vendor, and that I should post the full details, ie, "The full Story" so they can be assured that I am an actual unsatisfied customer. Fair enough, I'll tell my whole story on this page, and if you scroll to the bottom you will see a copy of my Ebay order confirmation, the thank you email sent by Dillenger themselves, as well as my Paypal payment receipt email.

- October 13th 2014 I purchase the dillinger 1000w rear wheel motor 10ah battery 48v kit 29er.
- October 20th 2014 the package is delivered to my door.
- November 9th 2014 I finally get around to installing the kit, as of this day, it's fully installed.
- November 10th 2014 the battery rack breaks the 1st time. I open a support ticket with Dillenger. I mention that there is room between the battery and rack causing the battery to viberate while in the rack possibly causing the rack to fail,
- November 11thth 2014 Dillenger says they sent the replacement rack. Support ticket closed.
- November 19th 2014 Replacement rack arrives, it has 4 small felt pads glued to the rack so as to take up the space between the battery and the rack. This does stop the vibration but makes the battery nearly impossible to slide on the rack. I literally have to use my body weight to push the battery on, but I'm happy because I figure at least the rack won't break again.
- January 6th 2015 The rack on the bicycle breaks again, I start another support ticket with Dillenger. The rack broke after approximately 200 miles total as recorded by my trip odometer. To see this support ticket, click here.
- January 8th 2015 (Notice this time it took 2 days for dillenger to respond to me, this was not because of a weekend) Dillenger responds to the support ticket by basically saying something to the effect of: We replaced it before, we're not going to replace it again. I ask for my support ticket to be escalated and to speak with someone on the phone. I am told that Dillenger won't take support phone calls outside of Austrlia and that the issue can be escalated but the answer will be the same. To see this support ticket, click here.
- January 11th 2015 Dillenger closes ticket, despite my request to escalate the issue. To see this support ticket, click here.
- January 13th 2015 I reopen a support ticket with Dillinger, demanding the full text of their warranty terms and the specific paragraph that is preventing Dillinger from sending me a replacement rack. To see this support ticket, click here.
- January 18th 2014 Over two weeks since the last support ticket I opened without a response. I get fed up and buy the domains and and launch this website so that nobody has to deal with Dillenger's bad treatment of it's customers.
- TODAY Dillenger has YET to contact me regarding the previous support ticket. I will update this section as soon as they do contact me.

For the record: The kit that I purchased was not modified in any way. No 3rd party parts were used and only the parts that were provided by Dillinger were used in putting the kit on my bicycle. My bicycle was used 100% on paved roads and I did not do anything crazy (like bmx'ing or off-roading). I did however use the bicycle at least every other day while it was in service, each day I used it between 4 and 10 miles, with one trip being a 24mile round trip.

Here is the order confirmation email sent by ebay:

Here is the thank you email sent by Dillenger:

Here is my paypal payment receipt email: